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SEQ K9 Rescue Inc

Saving dogs in the QLD, VIC, and NSW areas which are in need.

We are primarily situated in the Brisbane and Gold Coast regions.

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Our Goal at SEQ K9 Rescue Inc

SEQ K9 Rescue Inc’ mission is to save dogs in: rural areas, private areas or in pounds. In addition any dog that is at risk of being shot or put down, our volunteers try their hardest not to leave unsafe. Dog lovers can also find a suitable dog to adopt or foster here.  Further more the knowledge of saving a life is a bonus. Finally there are plenty of dogs that need foster carers or to be adopted in the South East of Queensland and you can find them .

More Information on SEQ K9 Rescue Inc

We are dedicated to rescuing and rehoming dogs of all breeds and sizes across South East Queensland.
Explore our website to find out more about us and our services, or how you can help.

Types of Dogs and Families

Foster carers can first of all provide dogs of many breeds, shapes and sizes. Furthermore, the team must follow specific guidelines to find an appropriate foster carer or adopting family for each dog. And finally, there are many factors to consider. They include: the size and type of the yard, how many people are in the family and their ages. This information is to ensure that your chosen dog is suitable to your family and vice-versa.

Events to help out

We are a not for profit dog rescue who are run solely by volunteers. The team are not funded by the government or any organisation and run regular fundraising events and other events to help out where they are needed. Dog Lovers who wish to help out can find those events on our Facebook events page.