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Adopt a Dog from SEQ K9 Rescue Inc

We Encourage People to Adopt Don’t Shop

How can I adopt a dog from SEQ K9 Rescue Inc?

We would love you to adopt a dog from SEQ K9 Rescue Inc so

If you’re looking for a fur friend we highly encourage you to adopt and not shop. Adopting a dog from us helps us in the fight to stop backyard breeding and puppy farms. If we don’t have a dog that suits your family or lifestyle at the time we strongly recommend considering visiting other rescues and pounds.

If you are looking for an additional family member let us help.  We currently have a variety of dogs/puppies available for and or you can give us a like on and see the range of dogs/puppies available who are looking for their forever home.

If you are looking for a specific breed/size/age we are more than happy to help find the perfect match. Please let us know in an application form.

Why adopt through us?

Adoption through SEQ K9 Rescue gives a dog a second chance at life, and most of all you receive unconditional love from a new best friend and companion.

  • You are helping to break the puppy farm cycle
  • Adoption fees are reasonable and all vet work is done prior
  • Adopting a dog frees up the shelters and makes room for another dog in need

All dogs leave our carefully vetted

That means they are de-sexed, microchipped, vaccinated, wormed, flea and heartworm treated as well as receiving any other required vet-work.

We care for dogs and puppies of all ages

Our rescues come from puppy farms, pounds and dogs that have been abandoned or surrendered at no fault of their own. 90% of our dogs come from rural towns and would have otherwise been put to sleep or worse. Dogs with behavioral issues are retrained and assessed before leaving our care.

We find the right match

We find the right dog to match your family and lifestyle. We offer a two-week trial period and provide ongoing support.

The 4 steps to adopting
your new best friend

Have you seen a dog you would like to meet on our Pet Rescue listings? Or we can match you with one of our dogs. This is our adoption process.

If the dog you have chosen isnt the perfect match for your family and you have decided to return the dog. We are happy to take the dog back into our care. Please understand we may need a few days to find a new foster carer. We will refund your adoption costs less a $50 administration fee into your bank within 10 working days.

You can find our dogs that are currently available for adoption . If you find a dog you like, please fill out the adoption form located .