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Why we need you to Foster a dog

and the truth about rescue dogs

Misconceptions about rescue dogs and reasons for surrender

Not all dogs that come to the rescue are dangerous or have behavioral issues. In fact, many of them come to us for a variety of reasons at no fault of their own and are perfectly healthy with wonderful temperaments.

Some reasons dogs are surrendered to the rescue include:

          • A change in the circumstances including moving home, financial hardship, illness or a growing gamily and unable to commit to owning a pet.
          • Not suitable for a farm life.
          • Unplanned litter.
          • Found abandoned or living in and extremely unsafe situation.

For these reasons, we strongly recommend desexing and recognising that owning a dog can be a long term commitment and should not be adopted on impulse.

Why do we need more foster carers?

SEQ K9 Rescue Inc needs you to foster a dog, because sometimes people have no choice but to surrender their pets, due to no fault of the dog.

We are always looking for carers who can foster a dog. When our carers already have dogs in their care we cannot save any more dogs.  So, for this reason, we continually advertise for new carers.  Not all carers can take inside dogs and not all can take in pups.  So a variety of carers would be ideal.

Why become a foster carer?

  • You give a dog a second chance at life.

  • Fostering is a rewarding and fulfilling experience.

  • An alternative option for dog lovers who can’t commit to a lifelong pet.

  • Receive unconditional love from a canine friend and companion.

Some reasons why dogs are surrenders:

  • Moving house, children not getting along with the dog, unwanted pups, no time to spend with the dog. We will help anywhere we can to take in dogs needing a safe haven. I have a passion to help dogs in country areas and have concentrated on those areas for the past 3 years.
  • A lot of dogs are killed or dumped in these areas because they are no longer wanted by the owners. Not all dogs that come to rescues are dangerous/destructive or naughty. There are many reasons why they come to us.

Who are Foster carers, what do they do and where can they get support?

Foster carers at SEQ K9 Rescue provide a temporary home for a dog while it awaits adoption. Our foster carers are special people who are committed to providing a safe and nurturing environment for dogs most in need.

Some dogs are in care for a few days others can be in care for a few months. Depending on the breed and what type of dogs people are looking for.  We do our best to accommodate your needs as a carer. We have a great support page where you can chat or ask any questions no matter how silly you may think they are.

What do we do for the dogs before they go anywhere?

We pay for all of the dogs’ vet work which includes, desexing, micro-chipping, vaccinations, worming, health check and heart-worm prevention on dogs over 12 weeks. We can also supply food and bedding if donations are available.

A foster carers’ responsibilities to keep a dog happy and healthy include:

We need you to supply plenty of love & cuddles, basic training (sit, lay, etc.), shelter from the rain and heat, a secure yard. Everything you would supply your own dog.

  • Feeding
  • Providing exercise such as walks and play
  • Socialisation including exposure to new animals, people and environments
  • Basic house training & obedience
  • A secure yard and shelter
  • Transport to the vet (if required and expenses are covered by us)
  • Everything you would supply your own dog

We understand fostering is hard. We all get attached to our fosters and want to keep them ourselves. You are allowed to adopt your foster dog if he/she is the perfect fit for your family. But we rely on adoptions from members of the public to allow us a space to help another dog in need.  It can be upsetting to say goodbye to your foster dog but you must keep in mind that you have given your foster another chance and can now help another dog from being euthanized.

Ready to become a foster carer?

If you would like to foster a dog, please fill out the form located . Dog lovers can also find information on how to adopt a dog .