Why donations are important, and we need dog lovers to make SEQ K9 Rescue Inc donations.

little Dark brown and cream coloured dog holding his leash ready for a walk - SEQ K9 Rescue Inc donations

We are always grateful for any SEQ K9 Rescue Inc donations we receive, and if you wish to donate, you can make SEQ K9 Rescue Inc donations by clicking .

Costs Involved with Caring for a Dog

There are several SEQ K9 Rescue Inc donations drops in Brisbane.  If you are too far from Brisbane and would like to contribute to our dogs in care here is a break down of the cost of items.

Worming Tablet every 3 months

$ 5

Dog Toy

$ 10

Monthly Heartworm

$ 10

Medicated shampoo

$ 30


$ 40

Yearly Vaccination

$ 60

Feed a dog for a month

$ 100

Desexing a medium male dog

$ 180

Desexing a medium female dog

$ 250

Donation Details

As you can see Rescue costs are quite high.

If you would like to donate to one of these services, you can donate directly by pressing this button to  to us or one of our vets. (please contact us for a list of our vets)

Or pay directly into our account:

Commonwealth Bank

SEQ K9 Rescue Inc.

BSB: 064194

Account No:  10543414

Please provide your details for a tax-deductible receipt.

Here you can find more information on how you can or a dog from SEQ K9 Rescue Inc